China's COMAC could invest in Canada's Bombardier

  • Author
  • Rupert Reid
  • May 19,2017

A Bombardier C-Series of Swiss International Airlines. Photo credit - Pixabay


Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC may choose to invest in Bombardier of Canada.


That's according to a report by Business Insider, who reveal that discussions have already taken place between the two companies.

Such a deal would make commercial sense for both companies.

In their latest aircraft, the C-Series, Bombardier have produced a truly remarkable machine. It is incredibly fuel efficient, has an excellent range, and offers superior comfort to passengers thanks to its 3-2 seating layout.

However, the technology has come at a vast cost that Bombardier is struggling to afford. Delays to the programme have hampered orders, and in a bid to boost sales, the company has had to offer steep discounts to buyers. 

A partnership with COMAC would allow the two companies to pool resources and benefit from the expertise of one another. It could also help the C-Series to gain more orders in China.

COMAC itself has just revealed its latest plane, the C919.

The aircraft offers a similar passenger capacity and range as rival aircraft made by Boeing and Airbus.

If the C919 is able to break the effective duopoly of these two firms, then airlines around the world will have an extra supplier to choose from when ordering new aircraft.

With a rejuvenated Bombardier on the scene as well, then the market could certainly look set for a shake-up over the next few years.

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