Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 24th December

  • Author
  • EJ Ward
  • December 24,2016

Saturday December 24 2016

The Dragon comes in to rule the day. When the Dragon meets the Rat ruling the month, these two like to help things run smoothly on Christmas Eve.



By letting close ones take more of the credit, you get to exert your influence, subtly and rather cleverly. When they feel like the plans were partly their own idea, you can be far more effective in making things happen. Dropping a few hints might be all it takes for close ones to sense which would be the right direction to move towards.



Allow yourself to let your hair down. By getting into the spirit of the season you can make all those around you smile and laugh. Today is a day you can be silly and frivolous, and it would be absolutely the right thing to do. When you’re in the mood to have some festive fun, you’ll get others to join in with the celebrations. It would be sensible to not hold back in enjoying the day.



Your Tiger nature likes to be organised, but still be open to spontaneity. By allowing yourself some free time to choose what you would like to do in that moment, you can make the most of today. Being present to the sense of joy around this time of year means you experience each moment with a heart full of the delights of Christmas.



Can you be in two places at the same time? No, that would be a physical impossibility. You might have happily said yes to many arrangements without thinking through all the implications. Re-arranging your schedule means you’ll have time to be in those places that are the most important to you. Still, you’ll want to find a way to squeeze in as much fun as possible.



When you listen first, and talk later you get to find out a lot more. Maybe, there are some things that you don’t need to say, because others will share what they consider to be interesting news.

You can nod sagely, and keep it to yourself that you already had some ideas about what they’re talking about. It’s rather clever not to reveal what you know.



If there are those around you who are getting excited about Christmas, then you’re going to encourage them to keep up their spirits. At the same time, remind them to not be in such a rush and to enjoy the day as it unfolds. Sometimes you simply need to be a little more patient, even though you think you have already been very patient.



Recent hitches and glitches have made life more interesting, and you have the attitude that you’re not going to let these minor matters bother you. Today, you gain a deeper perspective on what has happened in recent weeks. You might notice that what seemed like trouble is turning out to be

blessings in disguise. Life is far more exciting when there’s an occasional spot of chaos.



Aim to enjoy yourself in the coming days. Being present to what is going on at the moment means you can have fun without thinking too far ahead. Still, you’ll want to do some careful planning and it’s great that you have some clear goals in mind. When you are ready to put some new arrangements into place, you’ll already have some clear ideas about what you want to do and the reasons why.



Make sure you understand how close ones view a situation. You could each be looking at things quite differently, yet it would be a mistake to assume that you’re thinking along the same lines. You might be tempted to gloss over a disagreement, yet it’s more important for you to acknowledge where you don’t see eye to eye.



Encourage everybody to look on the bright side. There could be some little instances of things not running smoothly, yet you can see that there’s a way to move through these niggles. When you spread a sense of seasonal good cheer, you can help everyone lift their spirits. It makes for some interesting conversation when you have some challenge to figure out together.



Could there be a surprise on Christmas eve? The Dragon energies today could bring about some revelations when you have a lively discussion. Being forthright about how you see things means that others gain a better understanding of your views. If others have not been aware of your position before now, they’re now up to speed on how you see the situation.



You might want to enjoy some peace and quiet, and it would be a good idea to let close ones know that you’re not avoiding their company. When you have gathered your thoughts, and feel rested, you’ll want to join in with all the activities. Give others the chance to miss you for a while. You’ll enjoy each other’s company a lot more.



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