France on strike

  • Author
  • EJ Ward
  • September 12,2017


Later today workers from across France will take to the streets in what is being hailed as a nationwide general strike.


Organised by The CGT, or Confédération générale du travail, France’s biggest and most assertive major trade union federation has call the strike.


The protests are about, recently elected French resident Emmanuel Macron’s plans to reform French labour laws, which are extremely controversial. 


The plans will make it easier for some businesses to sack workers. They would also reduce the role of trade unions in collective bargaining. And would see a cap on payment awards from industrial tribunals.


In 2007 and 2010 the country was crippled by general strikes over cuts to pensions and the raising of the retirement age. In 1995 general strikes brought the country to a standstill to stop welfare cutbacks.


The strike is also expected to cause delays to train travel and flights via France, with travellers advised to check before they set out on their journey.


Tune in to Spectrum SINO Radio this afternoon at 13:35 when Kavita will be speaking to award winning journalist Marc Ward who is reporting live from France.


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