New video shows dancing aunties take on road safety

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  • Lily Coleman
  • April 26,2017

In its latest attempt to stop jaywalking, Beijing has written a pop song and enlisted dancing aunties to promote road safety awareness.

Last week, Beijing’s Commission for Guiding Cultural and Ethical Progress released the track in hopes that the song will be a viral trend to stop pedestrians from ignoring the colour of traffic lights.

“Wait for the Light” is the catchy song that dancing aunties have taken to the streets to educate residents on the proper way to cross the road.

It has been played across the Chinese capital to teach people to wait for the green man when crossing the road.

The campaign also makes use of several volunteers who help to spread the message, including children, who danced in front of pedestrians.

Previously, China has trialled many other methods to try and prevent jaywalking.

This includes a robo-cop that stood on the streets of Xiangyang that reportedly used arm gestures, noises and flashing lights to communicate with jaywalkers. Wuhan also installed automatic safety gates on the streets that would open and close in accordance with the traffic lights.

Earlier this month it was reported that Shanghai was considering drawing a red line over certain parts of the road to curb the bad habit of jaywalking.

These lines would mark where pedestrians should never cross the road.

Jaywalking has been a continuing problem across China, and is seen as a contributor to the country’s heavy traffic issues in busy, cosmopolitan areas.

Meanwhile, in the UK jaywalking is not a crime, nor is there currently any action towards stopping people doing it. Whilst most would recommend sticking to designated crossing to prevent accidents, some street-savvy Londoners jaywalk if they find it easier.

Road safety is not forgotten in London. Arlene Cameron, a dancing, singing lollipop lady in Walsthomstow helps people cross the road safely with a smile.

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