Scammers, beware! Nick Hewer on why you should report investment fraudsters

  • Author
  • Catherine Jessup
  • October 30,2017

Nick Hewer, former advisor on The Apprentice and presenter of Countdown, has teamed up with the Financial Conduct Authority to take a stand against fraudulent investment schemes.

Sino writer Catherine asked him how to avoid getting scammed and why reporting suspected offenders is so important. Plus, Nick gave us his take on the latest Apprentice contenders vying to work with Lord Sugar.

New research shows that more than a fifth of over 55s surveyed who suspect they have been contacted about a fraudulent investment in the last three years did not tell anyone about it. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is today urging the public to get in touch if they have been contacted by a company offering what they think could be a fraudulent investment, so they can take action to protect consumers from dodgy firms. For more info, visit

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