Two New Correspondents On SINO Newsdesk

  • Author
  • EJ Ward
  • January 17,2017

Eagle eyed readers of the SINO website will have noticed two new names popping up in the last few days on articles.

We are delighted to announce that Sophie Dishman has joined us as our Mental Health Correspondent.

And, we have Almara Abgarian joining us as our new SINO Fashion Correspondent.

You can look forward to seeing more specialist content from them in the days, and weeks to come. And if you tune in to East Meets West with Gerry not only can you hear EJ and Rupert you’ll be able to hear our new journalists on occasion too.

They’ve already hit the ground running you can read Sophie’s article on Blue Monday here

And Allie has written a range of articles on fashion here.

Welcome to the team from everyone at Spectrum SINO.

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