Skip the sugar, it's all about haggis #pancakeday

UK, LONDON LIFE, FOOD February 28, 2017

Sugar and lemon? SO last year. It turns out the nation has new toppings in mind for Shrove Tuesday, namely haggis, foie gras and black truffle ice cream. We all know pancake recipes vary but how far are you willing to go...



London foodie of the week: MURAKAMI

UK, Europe, LONDON LIFE, FOOD, EAST MEETS WEST February 28, 2017

The answer to all of life's problems: FOOD. This week, I tried out sushi, saké and matcha dessert heaven, Murakami in Covent Garden. As someone who prefers her fish cooked, you can imagine my hesitation at visiting a restau...



New restaurants for Chinatown in London

CHINA, UK, FOOD February 28, 2017

London's bustling Chinatown. Photo credit - Thinkstock   Chinatown London is set to welcome five new restaurants.   The news has been revealed by Shaftesbury PLC, which is one of the largest real estate investment gr...



UK food exports to China at record levels

CHINA, UK, FOOD February 24, 2017

Believe it or not, one of the UK's biggest food and drink exports to China is tea. Photo credit - Pixabay   Food and drink exports from the UK to China have reached record levels.   That's according to specialist pub...



Cognac sales are up worldwide, thanks to the US, China and the UK.

CHINA, UK, LONDON LIFE, FOOD February 21, 2017

Don't worry, we didn't spill any getting this photo (Pic: Wikipedia) A new report from just-drinks and IWSR suggests that the spirit's recent strong growth is poised to continue in the coming years, driven by increased consumpt...





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