Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 27th May

HOROSCOPE May 27, 2017

Rat Avoid being impulsive with your words, especially if you’re dealing with somebody antagonistic. Keeping calm will help you deal with those awkward characters. They might not be giving you a hard time, so don’t t...



Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 26th May

HOROSCOPE May 26, 2017

Rat There are certain things, which you cannot control or even influence. It would be wise not to attempt to do alter those situations, for you cannot do anything, right now. There are other matters where your time and effort cou...



Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 25th May

HOROSCOPE May 25, 2017

  Rat If you feel a bit torn because you have arranged to be in two places at the same time, it would a wise move to be honest in owning up to a mix-up in any arrangements. Others will understand that mistakes can crop up i...



Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 24th May

HOROSCOPE May 24, 2017

Rat Why is it that you seem to be talking at cross-purposes? Those people you are normally on the same wavelength with seem to be on a different frequency. Since you cannot do a great deal about how they’re responding, th...



Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 23rd May

HOROSCOPE May 23, 2017

  Rat Those things which are truly worthwhile take their time to turn up. If you think about what you want in the long run, you can see that there’s no need to be impatient. There’s other worthwhile things that ...





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