New Map lets you Walk the Tube

UK, LONDON LIFE August 31, 2016

Transport for London have published a new tube map, showing the number of steps it would take to walk between every station. According to Metro, London's Mayor Sadiq Khan hopes that the map will 'encourage more of us to walk shor...



Another Year of Carnage for Notting Hill Carnival

UK, LONDON LIFE August 30, 2016

(Photo: Pixabay)  The annual Notting Hill Carnival was not short of crime and controversy again this weekend with 454 recorded arrests - around 50 more than last years event. A 15 year old was among six in total that w...



London Rum Bar Changes 'Deeply Offensive' Name

UK, LONDON LIFE August 25, 2016

A bar in London has been forced to change it's name after a backlash.  Black rights activists successfully argued for the name change, which they say is 'deeply offensive'.  The upmarket rum bar was due to open next mo...



Virgin Slams Corbyn for Misleading Footage

UK, LONDON LIFE August 23, 2016

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has come under fire for breezing past free seats on a Virgin train - after claiming the service was 'ram-packed.' Virgin founder Richard Branson, posted the image on twitter challenging Corbyn's claim ...



Man Caught Taking Drugs Outside Police Station

THAT'S ODD, LONDON LIFE August 22, 2016

The winner of the biggest idiot in London goes to... A man who was arrested in south-east London for snorting cocaine outside a police station.  On top of that, said police station is the biggest in the country - Lewisham.&n...





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