5 things you need to know about The Liquidator, the latest Chinese blockbuster to hit UK cinemas


The latest Chinese blockbuster to hit UK cinemas is The Liquidator, a gripping thriller following a detective and forensic psychologist on the trail of a serial killer in the post-internet age. Here’s a bit about the film:


It’s based on a bestselling book

The Liquidator’s screenplay is based on the novel ‘Evil Minds: City Light’ by crime writer Lei Mi, who Easternkicks describe as “the John Grisham of China”. Lei’s psychological thriller series Criminal Minds spread like wildfire across the internet, capturing the imaginations of fans everywhere. He knows what he’s talking about too – a criminal psychology teacher by day, Lei Mi’s career has given him a lifetime’s worth of insight into crime and forensics.


It’s all a bit Black Mirror

If tech-based dystopian shows are what gets you through the dark January days, this film is for you. The Liquidator’s main characters, detectives Fang Mu and Mi Nan, are on the trail of a strange serial killer who hunts down people who are condemned on social media and live-streams their executions. Cheery stuff it is not, but it’s sure to have suspense fans on the edge of their seats.


The director is a new kid on the block

This is Xu Jizhou’s first feature film, but he’s worked with some big names: producer Bill Kong worked on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and main actors Deng Chao and Liu Shishi are among China’s biggest film stars.


… and he’s a big crime fic fan

Especially when it comes to Lei Mi’s books. Xu told Eastern Kicks “I’ve read all five series of the novel and followed the developments of each character (…) it’s a rarely seen brilliant story on law enforcement in China. I’ve spent several years working the screenplay as I want to do justice to the author and his stories and don’t want to let him down.”


It’s in a cinema near you

The Liquidator was released on 5th January and it’s out in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Sheffield right now in Vue and Odeon cinemas.

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