Reignwood Group Introduces an Amazing New Way To Admire How East Meets West


Here in London, a unique platform is being created that will change the nature of cultural relations between the East and the West.

Gerry sat down with Alex Field from Reignwood Group, the organisation playing host to this fantastic new collection of artefacts in their Ten Trinity Square premises. 


To get a taste of the exciting new prospects, listen here:



A number of pieces will be on display, created by the top 20 ceramic artists in China, including the Underglaze Leaping Red Carp by Zhou Guo-Zen. The Blossom Tree light sculpture has already been unveiled as part of this collection. Created by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the piece echoes the vision of Reignwood Group - “Where East Meets West.” References of Tang Xianzu, a renowned Chinese playwright of the Ming Dynasty and famed British bard, William Shakespeare, can be seen in the engraved patterns at the upper and lower parts of this artwork.


Moving through the details further, Gerry and Alex continued to chat:


These pieces have been curated especially for this year’s Chinese Year of the Dog. They will remain in the UK thereafter at the Ten Trinity Square Museum, a space dedicated to celebrating UK-Sino cultural relations that will open in May 2018 and will be available to view by appointment only.


Speaking about the celebrations, Ms Please Ruayrungruang, Executive President, Reignwood Europe, said: “We are delighted to mark Chinese New Year by celebrating the cultural bond between these two fantastic countries. Only a few weeks ago the UK Prime Minister hailed this as a “golden era” of relations between China and the UK and at Reignwood we strive to use our business as a vehicle for strengthening the bonds between East and West.


“Our magnificent banquet dinners will bring together the finest minds from both nations across arts, politics and business, while the gallery we have curated and unveiled this week at Ten Trinity Square will become a permanent showcase of our unique cultural ties. I hope that these events mark the start of a prosperous New Year, where UK-China relations continue to go from strength to strength.” she said.


Two dinners were  held on Thursday 15th and Friday 16th February in the Merchants Hall at the same iconic Ten Trinity Square location in London, replicating the famous Manchu Han Imperial Feast, one of the grandest meals ever documented in Chinese cuisine.


It consisted of at least 108 unique dishes from the Manchu and Han cultures during the Qing dynasty (AD 1644 to 1912).  Guests who attended the two dinners represent the most influential figures from the worlds of culture and business in the UK and China, underlining the warm relationship between the two countries and a mutual desire to further strengthen economic, political and cultural relations. Reignwood Group is a significant investor in the UK arts and cultural scene and these dinners will further the Group’s core aim of bringing business and people closer together by fusing eastern and western cultures.

The original Manchu Han Imperial Feast was served in the Forbidden City in Beijing and comprised six banquets over three days with over 300 dishes. The 108 gemstones adorning the centre of the Merchants’ Hall banquet table represent the 108 famed dishes and are an embodiment of the banquet’s legacy. As seen below!


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