Aleppo protest outside Parliament


Protesters outside Parliament. Photo: Sino UK

While Rupert Colville, the UN spokesman on human rights, was speaking in Geneva about the horrendous situation in Aleppo, Syria a group of protesters made their voices heard in Parliament Square, outside the Houses of Parliament, calling for help from the British Government.

Meanwhile, inside the House of Commons, there was hand wringing, but little in the way of real action. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has admitted that it will require a deal with Russia before aid drops can be made - despite the desperate calls from protesters.

Colville said that “civilians have paid a brutal price,” and he listed reports of Syrian government forces massacring men, women and children as they worked their way through the last areas held by rebel forces.

“It is a complete meltdown of humanity,” said Colville

Protesters held banners saying: “No bomb zone now”, “Back UK aid drops now”, and “Save Aleppo civilians”. But as the rain fell on the tourists watching them, one said:  “If the government can’t do anything, what can we do?”

BBC middle east editor Jeremy Bowen said that the UK had lost any authority when it voted not to bomb in response to use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government and now had to accept there was nothing they could do. “You make your bed, you lie in it,” he said on the PM programme on Radio 4.

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News | November 23,2016


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