Alibaba launches VR shopping experience


E-commerce giant Alibaba is set to rollout Virtual reality shopping by the end of the month. 

The Chinese firm, with over 400 million customers, has confirmed plans to use VR headsets to simulate shopping experiences from all over the world. 

During a Shanghai press briefing recently, an Alibaba representative wearing one of the helmets demonstrated how shoppers can take a tour of three-dimensional store, reports Internet Retailer.

Netflix has also dabbled with VR technology, creating a virtual 'Blockbuster' allowing customers to walk down aisles displaying rows of videos to pick up and peruse. 

Online retail behemoth Ebay created a similar store but by using the structure over a spider web, whereby customers stare at an item or grouping they wish to see more of.

With many large corporations adopting the technology, perhaps this could this be the new (virtual) reality of shopping.  




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