Are You Ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get fit?


Tired of your gym? Want to shed those holiday pounds and start your year with health and wellbeing as the key theme? Head to One New Change shopping centre in St Paul's and visit Whatever It Takes (WIT), the new training facility here to help you shape up for 2018.

For those of you who need a little workout motivation, here's a bonus - you can treat yourself to a new pair of trainers or a full training outfit after your class. WIT started out as a fitness clothing boutique, and currently has stores in Shoreditch (hidden underground with a barely visible sign, obviously), Battersea, Hong Kong and Dubai. This is the brand's first venture into offering a full gym and training classes.


This ain't no ordinary place: WIT calls it the New Generation of Fitness. Then again, membership costs between £200-£250 so we'd expect nothing less. There are seven classes available, to test every limit: Endurance, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, High Intensity Training, Strength Club and MetCon (high-intensity metabolic conditioning) and Foundations - for beginners who want to learn more about movements, techniques and equipment offered in the speciality classes. 



An all-around fitness regime includes a steady diet. WIT has partnered with phNutrition to help guide you through the dietary jungle of protein shakes, kale and bad fads (and fats, for that matter). 

Just one thing left to ask yourself...are you ready to do Whatever It Takes?

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