Are You Rochelling Out This Christmas?


Panic last-minute Christmas shopping is leading to huge swaths of poorly thought through and ill-conceived presents according to new research by PayPal. Luckily for most Brits with access to mobiles phones and tablets the ability to do your shopping on the go takes some of the sting out of that initial panic, with more than one in ten (14%) saying 20:00 is the most likely time to shop for Christmas gifts.  

Despite the research showing that nearly one in five Brits say they would choose to shop online because it’s easier to compare prices and options, a shocking four in ten (41%) of the population have still received a bad present, but why? Christmas happens every year at the same time so the event itself shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, but seemingly it does with over a fifth being guilty of buying a bad present.     

It can be difficult to buy for some people, in fact the research shows that parents and partners are the hardest to buy for. The report from PayPal also revealed how we react to a bad present, and as you would imagine, that natural British reserve will mean we stay quiet. But for the bold few, they will address the bad gift head on by telling the gift giver exactly what they thought – we’re more likely however, to tell someone else. 

With the internet and shopping going hand in hand in 2017, there is no excuse this year to give a loved one a bad present. Brits seem to spend any down time online shopping, the most popular choices are on the sofa (34%) or in bed (31%), with the loo as the third most popular place for Brits to conduct their online Christmas shopping (14%).

But with online Christmas shopping also comes some risks around this time of year; there tends to be a surge in scams as fraudsters capitalise on the Christmas shopping season with Phishing being something we all need to be alert to. Phishing is an illegal attempt to “fish” for your private or sensitive data by using false pretences to trick you into revealing your personal information online. 

Rochelle Humes from The Saturdays popped on East Meets West to chat to Gerry & Dave

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