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Three quarters of Brits follow the same routine every day

From leaving the house at the same time every day to finding your favourite spot on the platform and booking train tickets in advance, as a nation we are hard-wired to find happiness in the predictable, according to research published today.  

The study, commissioned by Trainline, suggests we revel in the familiar, with three quarters of people admitting to following the same routine, in the exact same order each week.

Brits are increasingly leaning towards technology for reassurance and to bring predictability to daily activities such as travel. The research shows how three out of five people use apps to help their daily activities run more smoothly and a third use technology for their train journeys.

And it’s not just travel where we find reassurance in sticking to the known; the predictability of certain genres of books like romance or even psychological thrillers keeps us buying the same ones; we have favourite books, films, holidays – places we visit again and again because we know what to expect from them.

When it comes to booking a holiday, over 70% of respondents admit to choosing a destination based on its familiarity – and nearly the same number report they often feel a sense of reassurance when they arrive back home. Meanwhile, four out of five people look forward to reading or watching something they’re already familiar with.   

Joining Dave is Jo Hemmings, behavioural psychologist and all round lovely human

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