Assassin's Creed Syndicate Review

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  • October 31,2015
Jacob's Got The Best Seats In The House

Assassin's Creed, a series that I have fallen in and out of love with over the years and a few months ago I finally decided to pick up Assassin's Creed Unity after avoiding it simply because it didn't seem like it would be worth playing. So I played it and you know what? It turned out to be fine, granted I had to install a 6GB patch when I threw the game in the slot but when that was done the game itself was pretty fun. At this point I remembered that Assassin's Creed Syndicate was coming out pretty soon so I decided that I would would give it a go.

I was somewhat interested in the new game because of the location and I was curious how they would deal with the modern day stuff. There wasn’t much else I was really looking forward to other than meeting the new Assassins, Evie and Jacob Frye. The setup for these new Assassins was simple enough. They are two young “too smart for their own good” Assassins with aspirations beyond following the orders of their “mentor” and so they abandon their home ground and make moves on freeing London from 100 years of Templar rule.

Evie Enjoying Her Time In A Fight Club

This is where the real game begins and we start to get a feel for Jacob and Evie. The two characters have very different motivations and ways of dealing with threats. Jacob likes to jump in the middle of the Templars and stab them all, whereas Evie wants to try find an elusive piece of Eden before the Templars, though she does have a habit of cleaning up after her brother, Jacob’s, ill thought out assassinations.

Although Evie and Jacob like to do things differently when it comes to playing as either of them you can’t really tell the difference. They play almost identically but when you go to upgrade them via the skill tree you have to consider the skills that are only applicable to either Evie or Jacob. Jacob gets a few upgrades that make him take or dole out more damage and Evie gets more stealth upgrades and given that this game kinda wants to be a stealth game means that Evie is the more useful character since she is just as capable of taking on just as many foes as Jacob.

Jacob Likes To Play The Stabby Game

Given the option I would probably never even use Jacob during my time playing the game simply because I felt that he was a walking cliche and reminded me a little of Jaime Lannister

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