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Sales, Sales, Sales it's Black Friday (Picture: StmDP, Thinkstock)

Black Friday is now one of the UK’s busiest shopping days. The tradition came from the United States though. Since the 1930s, Black Friday has traditionally taken place in America on the day after Thanksgiving and is a bit like Boxing Day sales in the UK.

The association for online retailers, IMRG, predicted up to £1.27bn would be spent online on Friday, which is up 16% on last year. It’ll be the busiest day in a week-long spending spree that is expected to see retailers ring up online sales of £6.77bn in the seven days to Monday 28 November.

Anyone with an email address will have been receiving emails for weeks now with specials offers and discounts, and it’s not just Friday now we have Cyber Monday too (because one day of shopping is never enough). But, some websites struggle to cope under the strain, last year Argos and Currys-PC World both suffered problems leaving customer without their goods yesterday it was reported that customers of the computer games store GAME were experiencing errors at the checkout stage on their website

A spokesperson  for GAME  said: "We’re aware that there has been an issue with the checkout page of the website. We’re hard at work to rectify the situation and should be back in operation soon."

Evan Kypreos, the editor of Trusted Reviews had some advice for those who were buying online, the key one was research. He said that in the North more people tend to buy for themselves, but lots of people like a bargain anyway. Evan said he would be buying a tablet as a gift as there are some good offers on.

He had a warning too though, Black Friday can often be used by retailers as a way of selling stock that hasn’t sold as well as they would have liked, or have got bad reviews. So make sure you check a range of sources and review sites before you buy. What's going to be popular? Mobile phones are likely to be the most sought after tech products with 30% considering buying themselves one, with around 21% after a laptop or a computer, 19% looking out for audio equipment or headphones and 18% afitness tracker or smart watch

Black Friday doesn't just happen online, who could forget images from two years ago of shoppers fighting to get bargain TVs and electrical goods at some supermarkets.

What are you buying today? What’s your favourite bargain or discount?  Let us know on Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #SinoFriday

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