Britain’s biggest seafood firm looks towards China.


Young’s Seafood is keen to enter the fast-growing Chinese market. Photo credit - Pixabay


Young’s Seafood, based in Grimsby, is a well known brand in the U.K.


It’s also embarked on recent overseas expansion, in particular in the USA.

AOL News has now reported that Young’s Seafood is keen to enter the fast-growing Chinese market.

Citing a Press Association interview, they report that boss William Showalter had said:

"We see China as a big opportunity.''

"As we speak, we are exploring discussions with partners in that market and we would look to deploy a similar model to the one that we are using in the United States.’’

The story is not the only recent example of European seafood businesses eyeing a slice of the Chinese market.

In November, we reported that Scotland's Salmon industry is aiming to increase exports to the country.

Apparently, China imported some 32,000 tonnes of frozen salmon last year.

The figure looks set to rise in 2017-2018, driven by increasing demand from China's growing middle classes.

The global salmon industry is reported to be competing to meet the demand, with Seafood News reporting that Scotland is just one salmon producer keen to increase trade with China.

Apparently, Norway, Chile, Canada, the Faeroe Islands and Australia are also competing for Chinese orders.

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