Center Parcs heading to China


The proposed Suptropical Swimming Paradise at Center Parcs Ireland. Photo credit - Center Parcs


Center Parcs, the firm behind a European collection of holiday villages, is setting its sights on the Chinese market.


If you've not been on a Center Parcs holiday before, I have, and I'm happy to tell you all about it.

The accommodation is in lodges or 'villas' (as a general rule, when you see this description applied to accommodation outside Italy or Spain you can safely assume that the term has been loosely applied to something that is categorically not a 'villa') in rural surroundings.

Each 'parc' (I know, I am desperately trying to avoid using a 'k' whilst I type) has expansive leisure and recreational activities available, and state of the art swimming facilities.

Despite my somewhat sceptical comments above, and at the risk of sounding like someone who's been brainwashed by the company's PR department, I will happily admit that Center Parcs are brilliant for family holidays in the countryside.

Now, the company looks set to expand into the Chinese market.

That's according to the Financial Times, who report that:

''In a joint venture with the acquisitive conglomerate HNA, the holidays operator will open parks near Beijing and the south-eastern city of Fuzhou by 2020.''

The company apparently sees huge potential for growth in China, where a growing middle class and an abundance of stunning rural areas would seem to make them an ideal holiday option.

HNA, with their growing ties to airline and hotel businesses, also seem to be an ideal partner.

So, if you're interested in a Center Parcs holiday in China, watch this space!

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