Cheryl and Liam Payne reveal their son's name


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Liam Payne and Cheryl have called their five week old son Bear.


It was reported that the couple had not previously settled on a name as they wanted to get to know the baby before deciding.


Bear Grylls, real name Edward Michael Grylls, tweeted to the couple



To which Liam replied



The moniker follows a trend in recent years moving away from more traditional names., a pregnancy and parenting website, have offered up some advice for parents-to-be when trying to think of baby names.


1. Embarrassing initials. It would be unfortunate to end up with a W.T.F or E.L.F.


2. Names that are too popular. Stops you calling for your offspring at the school gates and being flanked by half the class.


3. A lifetime of corrections. No one wants to have to spell their name out five times a day for 80 years.


4. The nickname trap. Accidental rhyming might be funny the first time, but would probably wear thin after a while.


5. Awkward email/social media handles. Possibly negating your little one from a lifetime of job rejections, as a perfectly respectable Thomas Roll turns in to which might get sent straight to the junk folder.


An annual list of unusual names is complied by from the 400,000 parents that share their child's name with them. Read below for the class of 2016.


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