China's news agency is to introduce AI


After billions of Yuan was poured into the Chinese AI movement to accentuate coffers, China's national news agency has announced that is will be rebuilding its newsroom and changing the relationships between humans and machines.

The President of the Xinhua News Agency, Cai Mingzhao said that the agency will build a "new kind of newsroom based on the information technology and featuring human-machine collaboration."

The broadcast company also said that it wants to integrate a "Media Brain" platform which was trialled on Boxing Day last year and will bring a cloud computing system with AI into the news production process.  This will include being used to "from finding leads, to news gathering, editing, distribution and finally feedback analysis.”

Last week the country announced plans for a $2.1 billion investment into an AI development park within the next five years as part of its initiative to become an AI world leader by 2030.

The Chinese government is not the only one putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to AI though.

Google has committed to the movement by opening a research centre in the capital Beijing. The head of Google's centre Fei-Fei Li said, "It will be a small team focused on advancing basic AI research in publications, academic conferences and knowledge exchange."

Chris Nicholson, former Bloomberg news editor and co-founder of AI start-up Skymind said "Beijing supports AI, while Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are all getting into AI. The U.S. still has the best AI talent, but there are many good engineers and AI researchers in China as well."

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