Chinese consumers value British branding


The MG brand is an example of a British brand with a significant following in China (and Chinese ownership). Photo credit - Pixabay


A new survey has discovered that a majority of Chinese consumers have a positive association to products branded with the Union Flag.


The research, undertaken by Barclays bank, showed that 61 percent of Chinese of shoppers surveyed would be attracted to a product bearing the classic British design.

This was one of the highest figures of any country in the study, and the consumers pointed to the perceived quality and reliability of British products as being particular selling points.

Interestingly, the enthusiasm for British products was found to be highest amongst young people, with some 73 percent of 25 to 34 year old Chinese in the survey saying that the design had positive connotations for them.

The research was timed to coincide with possibility of Britain striking new trade deals around the world following Brexit.

It shows that consumers in a number of countries would be happy to pay a premium to buy British products.

Nevertheless, concerns about future trade and economic health in the United Kingdom remain relatively widespread.

For those who are involved in exporting, the certainty that only new trade agreements can bring cannot come quickly enough.

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