Chinese warehouse robots triple efficiency


Analysts are showing increasing interest in the increase of robots in Chinese factories. Photo credit - Pixabay


An experiment using robots to man a warehouse in China has shown impressive results.


A few months ago, I conducted a very unscientific experiment on the radio.

Rather than delivering news live in the studio from a script that I had written a few minuted beforehand, I instead rigged-up a voice robot to read my script for me.

The advantages were that it freed me up to spend more time writing and researching news, it didn't make any mistakes as I might have done, and it spoke exactly to the correct length of time.

The disadvantages were that it sounded absolutely terrible. So, I feel relatively sure that my job is safe from robots, at least for now.

If you're a warehouse worker, however, things are not looking so good.

Chinese e-tailer T-mall, part of the Alibaba family, has been deepening its experiments into using robots to man warehouses.

In one experiment, in Guangdong Province, efficiencies at the warehouse were tripled by wifi enabled machines replacing humans.

The news comes as analysts are showing increasing interest in the increase of robots in Chinese factories.

According to the Financial Times, China has bought more industrial robots than any other country over the last few years.

These are bringing cost efficiencies to factories and are also improving the efficiency of manufacturing processes.

The newspaper reports that this process could be leading to a 'new industrial revolution' - with impacts that might not be fully understood for years to come.

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