Common Nonesense


You may think a university degree is the key to your dream job, but good old common sense is still a top priority, with more than three quarters of Brits valuing it more than a high IQ.

In fact, 70% of people think common sense is more important than a degree qualification and more than two thirds claim they wouldn’t hire someone who lacked common sense.  It seems a lack of common sense is impacting workers day-to-day, as a fifth of British workers say up to four hours of their working week is lost due to mistakes made by colleagues' lack of nous. 

It all comes out of new research by breakdown provider Green Flag which has revealed the true impact a lack of common sense can have on daily life. Lacking in the logic department can affect our personal life too – half of those questioned say they wouldn’t trust someone who they deemed to be lacking in common sense 

When it comes to relationships we value brains over brawn too, with more than two thirds of Brits claiming rational thinking is more appealing than good looks. A fed up one in five of us have previously called time on a relationship due to a partner's lack of common sense.

Joining Gerry & Dave is Denise Taylor is Chartered Psychologist, registered with the British Psychological Society, and specialises in Careers and Assessments.

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