Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 18th May




When it comes to spending your time, once an hour has gone you cannot claim it back. Extra demands have cropped up out of the blue and managing your time could prove to be quite tricky today. It’s worth your while using some of your precious time to consider how to best spend your time today. A little planning can go a long way.



There are those who seem to have a sixth sense about how they can help. There are others who would be willing to rush to your side if only you would let them know that you would like to have them come along. It’s when you are facing difficulties and need a hand that you realise who you can truly rely on.



You might feel that it was just a lack of luck that got you stuck. Even though you feel as if you are facing a setback, thinking positively can help you improve the situation. Trust that, although luck can make a difference, you can still act positively regardless of when luck turns up. Trust that you can do something to create your own luck.



Giving yourself some time to think things over could help you find a lasting solution. Standing amidst confusion is rarely comfortable, yet by not trying to rush out of a sticky situation you could find that when you do get unstuck you are confident that you can move carefully in the right direction. Sometimes you don’t need to have an instantaneous answer.



When you’re dealing with important things that might not be urgent, it’s easy for you to put them aside for urgent matters that have been cropping up. Those minor matters that needed your immediate attention are dealt with, and it’s time for you to face up to something you know you need to deal with, but which you have been avoiding.



Borrow an idea and reshape it to suit you. When you notice somebody is doing well, you might wonder, what’s the secret of their success? Could there be some ideas you could borrow to help you along with what you have in mind? Don’t be afraid to imitate what works well, but remember that you need to do it in your own style.



If you want others to sit up and take notice of what you’re saying, you might as well be forthright. You’re tempted to be circuitous to avoid upsetting others, yet it would work out better by speaking your mind. Any awkwardness due to you being blunt will melt away when everybody can see there is no room for misunderstandings.



Could it be that there are those who have no wish to see something that’s about to happen? Since you’re not so attached to any outcome you can encourage everyone to be honest about what they are noticing right now. Eventually, nobody can ignore what is plain to see, and they’ll start coming around to accepting matters.



Sometimes, sitting on the fence for too long is far more uncomfortable than making a choice that might not prove to be the best choice. Having too many choices can sometimes feel more challenging than having only one or two options. Trust that whatever you choose to do will prove to be the right choice for you, right now.



Those around you seem somewhat circumspect and you feel they are holding matters up. Let them express all their misgivings. You’re in the mood to get things done and you are keen to act promptly. It would be a good idea to address their concerns. Once you feel they have been dealt with, you know they have no excuse for dragging their feet.



Is it time to stretch yourself a little, whether it’s physically or mentally? When you take a big step into the unknown there are no guarantees. You can only find out what you’re truly capable of by stretching yourself and going that bit further to see where it leads you. Have you been staying well within your comfort zone?



Does a contentious issue merit your attention or would it be wiser to let someone else have the last word? A heated argument could be worthwhile if it helps sort out a matter, or it could prove to be a futile effort if it’s over something trivial. Whilst it’s good for you to stand your ground, you need to decide whether, or not, it’s worth using your energy to fight.



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