Daily Chinese Horoscopes: 19th May


Sometimes, some misunderstandings can be resolved after unravelling some confusion. At other times, misunderstandings can lead to disputes and wrangles. When faced with a spot of confusion today, see if you can choose to sort matters out without quarrelling. Identify where the differences are and where there is room for manoeuvre.


If you are a solo Ox, do you feel you might be lucky in meeting some new admirers? It might be time for you to be a little brave about stepping out to new places. If you are already paired off, you might still want to make some plans to do something different together. The Horse ruling today prompts you to think about your love life.



Did somebody forget to involve you earlier? There is no need to feel disgruntled about coming in at the eleventh hour. If others have already done the groundwork, see that you are being brought in when you are needed the most to sort out the important issues. Your Tiger personality is a great trouble-shooter.


You can spread some cheerfulness wherever you go today, when you share your excitement about your weekend plans. Even if you feel they might not be as interested as you are, they could still respond in an encouraging manner. Remember to ask them what they are going to do to have fun. You might find that they have other ideas about how to enjoy themselves.


Sometimes your Dragon personality can be quite ambitious, which can be a good thing. On the other hand, it means you forget to notice all the good things that are already in your life because you are thinking ahead. What do you feel you need to feel a sense of happiness? Today, make a point of counting your blessings.


What does love mean to you? Love can mean different things to different people. Contemplate your own ideas about love. If you are still searching for love then understanding what you truly want and need, can only help you be open to the right possibilities in your love-life. Even if you have an established relationship, love can change its meaning over time.


There are times when trotting along is preferable to galloping. You’re quite capable of achieving a great deal in a short amount of time, yet do you always need to put yourself under such pressure? If you can be a bit more generous in how much time you allow for doing something you could find that you enjoy the process a whole lot more.


You have good reasons for altering arrangements today, yet others can still feel disappointed aabout changing things. Be prepared for dealing with their upset, but don’t let that derail you from making what are necessary changes. Encourage everyone to see how the new arrangements will work better once they are in place. Changing your mind is not something you tend to do on a whim.

Others might not realise that there could be smarter ways of doing things and you could help them see some of these ways. If you feel you need to help them along make sure you do it in a kind and pleasant manner. Not everybody is as efficient as your ingenious Monkey personality. Give yourself a pat on the back for those things you do well.


An ideal love can prove to be an illusion. Be honest with yourself about how realistic you are being when it comes to matters of the heart. Consider all the positives of the love that you have already found. If you are still seeking love, do not make it impossible for somebody to make you happy. Begin with knowing what you want.


Broadening your horizons can mean making discoveries about new tastes and deciding that some of them are right, and some of them are not. If you are not sure whether to try something new, you might as well give it a go to find out if you like it. It’s only by embracing the unfamiliar that you can find out new things about yourself.


Resisting the temptation to acquire something that you consider a luxury could leave you feeling far happier in the long run. When you shop around, you might realise that there is something else you would much rather have. If you feel tempted to make an impulse purchase, it would be wise to think twice before you hand over your cash.



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