Do You know The Difference Between Allergies & Intollerances!?


November is a key month in the calendar for men's health. The Movember campaign is helping men across the world to gain a better understanding of more serious mental and physical illnesses that may affect them. However, new research undertaken by YorkTest Laboratories has highlighted a gap in an average UK man's knowledge of their health – food intolerance. This is a topic that still remains largely misunderstood and rarely acted upon.

Of the men that are aware of food intolerances, a third of those quizzed said that they are keen to take a food intolerance test, but are yet to do so. Over 1 in 10 men meanwhile suspect they have an intolerance, but have not been tested for it.

It is thought that food Intolerances affect approximately 45% of the population. so this is a big issue. 

Gerry & Dave interviewed Dr Gill Hart the Scientific Director at YorkTest Laboratories.

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