Fiona Phillips Live In The Studio


Dave lost his mind when he found out Fiona Phillips would be in the studio!

She's an ambassador for the local charities and trying to get people involved in their community projects. 

61% of Brits say they value the work local charities do, but nearly a third simply don’t know how to give a helping hand.

The People's Postcode Lottery found that over a quarter would like to do more to support a local charity. Women are keener to get involved, with saying they would like to chip in compared with exactly a quarter of men.

Young people between the ages of 16-25 are most enthusiastic to do their part, nearly two in five saying they would like to do more, while over half of those over 55 believe they already do enough.

Finances came out as the most common reason people avoided giving to charity. 42% said they don’t have enough money to support local work. When it comes to knowing how to help, London comes out worst with as many people saying they don’t know how they can get involved, while those in the North feel most content with their contribution. Nearly half of those surveyed in the North East
say they do enough to support local charities, closely followed by the North West.

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