Growing ties between China and the Lake District


Interest in China in the North of England is at an all time high. Photo credit - Pixabay


A group in the Lake District, a British UNESCO World Heritage site, are seeking to forge closer ties with China.


That's according to local newspaper The Westmorland Gazette.

The Gazette reports that the English Lake District China Forum is a group of ten local businesses, seeking to attract more Chinese visitors to the area and to grow relationships with the Chinese tourism industry.

Alongside seeking to raise interest in the beautiful Lake District amongst Chinese travellers, the Forum is also seeking new local members who share their aims to become involved.

Interest in China in the North of England is at an all time high.

In November, we reported that direct flights to Beijing have provided a massive economic boost to the region.

That story was based on a study, undertaken by experts at Steer Davies Gleave, which found that the Hainan Airline service has been 'acting as a catalyst for growth and resilience in a global connectivity context' since launching in 2016.

The route has enabled a huge growth in both tourism and trade. When it comes to tourism, the report suggests that, in the year following the launch of flights, spending by Chinese tourists in the North of the UK doubled.

In terms of trade, the value of goods exported from the region to China more than doubled, and is now estimated to be worth over £200 million per month.

Of course, not all of this growth can be attributed to the air route, but it serves to highlight the impact that the Hainan Airlines service is having, and the potential future demand for further air links between Manchester and China.


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