"Hard Brexit Now" Protesters Demand


Cries of “Theresa May, don’t delay, we want Brexit right away” echoed around Westminster earlier.

The official invitation for the event said:

“June 23rd we made history. 5 months on and its time for all Brexiteers to come together once more and stand up for our democracy. 
November 23rd we will have the Autumn Statement. It is one of the busiest day’s in Westminster with every MP across the nation in attendance. The world’s media will be covering the event giving the 52% maximum exposure to make their voices heard.

We will be meeting from 10am onwards with the majority assembled for lunch time. The 23rd will be a peaceful static protest in Westminster. Everyone is welcome and come and go as they please.
An official protest March is also being planned for the 4th Dec (official confirmation will come from leave.eu) to target the Supreme Court’s decision. Please visit Leave. EU for details of that.
Please try to support both events so we can send a strong message to the ‘establishment’ that 17.5m will not be silenced”.

With a turnout significantly lower than the projected 5,000 protesters gathered to cheer and hear speeches from prominent Brexit MPs. Jacob Rees-Mogg MP for North East Somerset happened to walk past on his way to the House and he gave a rousing speech to the assembled supporters. Most noticeable was one woman screaming “I love you”, another seemed close to tears as he spoke about his desire to see the will of the people enacted as soon as possible.

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP at the rally.

David Davis the MP for Monmouthshire also spoke at the event.

There were a few moments that seemed to set the police on edge. The protest was scheduled to be a static one, remaining in the same location, at one point the protesters started to march towards College Green, until they were swiftly intercepted and turned around by the police.

The rally is advertised as moving to the pub later in the afternoon.

Here are some of our favourite photos from the event. All images are copyright Spectrum SINO.



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