High price tag dents iPhone performance in China


Perhaps the forthcoming launch of the iPhone X will boost Apple's lagging performance in China? Photo credit - Pixabay


Apple is apparently suffering from slow sales in China as a result of the price point of its latest models.


That's according to analysts, who report that the US tech giant is concerned with the performance of its latest iPhone 8 device in China.

Certainly, pictures of empty stores on release day and security barriers containing imaginary crowds went viral, although there were some suggestions that the apparent lack of demand was in fact due to people choosing to shop online instead.

A few weeks ago, we reported that the iPhone X's price tag of 8,388 yuan in China will make it the thirst most expensive iPhone market when compared to the US dollar price.

In second position comes the UK, where the device will cost £999, with India topping the list at 89,000 rupees. In dollar terms, these prices are 1,283, 1,325 and 1,390 respectively.

Apple has had a difficult few months in China. In July, we reported that the firm had unveiled a new boss in the Country, against a backdrop of poor sales figures.

Isabel Ge Mahe, who was born in China, will become managing director of Greater China.

The news came shortly before the release of the latest iPhone sales figures, which show that Apple has lost it's fourth position in the Chinese market.


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