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  • December 10,2015

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great for grapple hooks, they have been in a fair few games this year;
Batman: Arkham Knight (obviously), Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, even a little in Rainbow Six: Siege, but arguably, the best use of a grappling hook has been that of Just Cause 3. It is not only a weapon of mass destruction but a fun method of transportation when used with the wingsuit, (and Just Cause 3 probably has the best use of wingsuits in gaming too, might I add) as well as having some of the mightiest explosions that would make Michael Bay weep in joy and jealousy. But is that enough to make a great game?

It’s a silly question but yes it can actually make a great game but there needs to be a few other elements that Just Cause 3 can’t quite get a hold of and it's really unfortunate because the game is so close to being a real favourite of mine but these small problems mean that now that I’ve finished the campaign, freed a few towns and outposts that the game will go on my shelf and probably not come back off of it again.

However, before I get into the problems I’d like to mention the story of
Just Cause 3. First off, the protagonist is “Dictator Removal Specialist”; Rico Rodriguez. When we first see him he is riding a large missile and then decides to punch it, at which point I thought “Oh good, they’re going the route of Saints Row with its ridiculousness” but unfortunately it never quite goes far enough. It still tries to take itself a little too seriously when it comes to liberating Rico’s fictional homeland of Medici, a 400 square mile island paradise, from the evil hands of Di Ravello with the help of some of his very forgettable friends, none of whom I can remember the names of.

The story of Just Cause 3 isn’t really anything overly interesting but it just acts as a way to get a new mission and, while I thought there were a few too many escort missions, I thought some of them were pretty good. There were normally a few different ways that missions could play out but as long as they let you glide over to the objective and blow things up then you would be pretty happy because that is what Just Cause 3 does perfectly, mixing the ability to glide across the map and dive into the heart of an enemy base and start blowing up everything and everyone in sight.

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