LEGO Marvel's Avengers Review

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  • January 29,2016

LEGO games have always been a fun experience and is one of the few exceptions to the “movie and video game tie-ins don’t work” rule. I have played a fair few of the LEGO games (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Movie Game...etc) and I ha
ve enjoyed the experience and LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is no different in any way. However that is a little bit of a problem too because the game hasn’t tried to do anything different but stuck to the same old formula. That doesn’t mean the game is bad, it just means that it feels very familiar, almost like an expansion of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.

All that being said though, I did thoroughly enjoy how the game tackled the story of first two Avengers films (With some Captain America: First Avenger thrown in as flashbacks). There were a few moments that had me genuinely laughing out loud at the silliness and some of the self referential jokes. The game also handled the death scenes with some humour that meant that any young child could play the game along with a parent without the parent worrying that the child was about to be horrified by the tragic death of a main character but instead that character was just covered in ice cream and had to lie down for a bit.

Some of my favourite moments in the game came from the use of the real recordings of the Avengers films meaning that we had Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and so on. The genius of using those recordings meant that scenes from the film that held lots of tension and suspense could have a completely different dynamic in the LEGO version. The scene where Black Widow brings in Bruce Banner being my favourite.

The game itself played like any other LEGO game. You punch and kick the bad guys one or two times and they will fall to pieces, you try and collect as many “studs” as you can while finding Stan Lee’s, golden and red bricks as well as module type things that I don’t know the name of. Of course there is building involved too as there are many occasions when you need to build various (often comical) objects so that you can overcome obstacles. There are also a huge number of different characters that you can unlock by playing through the campaign and side missions.

The story mode was quite long and meaty which I liked but the ending felt a little wrong and rushed. Some of the uses of the real voices from the film felt out of place because I knew where they fitted into the films or the voice just didn’t fit a little cartoonish LEGO character. Then a few of the actors had been replaced for some reason, probably cont

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