Mary Berry, it's your lucky day #pizzagate


If your name is Mary, it's your lucky day - delivery service Just Eat is giving you as many one penny pizzas as you can eat!

You can thank the UK's favourite cake baker, food maker and TV personality, Mary Berry, for this one. The 81-year-old Great British Bake Off star has revealed that she's never eaten a takeaway pizza! Shocked? Appalled? You're not the only one.


We bet she's never had a dodgy kebab, either.

In a bid to entice the celebrity chef to give the Italian speciality a go in takeaway form, Just Eat has decided to offer anyone named Mary a margherita pizza for one penny.

The deal expires at 7pm today and only applies to the first 50 customers, so HURRY. Not named Mary? Don't know anyone named Mary? Cursing your parents for naming you Maria? (SO CLOSE). We feel you. 

In other news, there are also rumours of a pizza company that have created a Mary Berry face shaped pizza...#pizzagate continues.

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