McDonald's to offer delivery in China and UK


A branch of McDonald's. Curiously, this one seems to be open '23 hours a day' - I wonder when it shuts? Photo credit - Pixabay


McDonald's has announced plans to offer a delivery service in the UK - following the success of its home services in China.


I'm going to start this article with a confession, as there's something that I think you should know about me. The other evening, I hired a car with some friends specifically to go to McDonald's. Please don't judge me, I'm not proud of what I did. In my defence though, it was late at night, we were hungry, nowhere else was open, and we happen to live next door to a rental car office.

In short, a McDonald's delivery service would have saved us time, dignity, and about £50.

The company has now announced that delivery will be available in the UK in future - along with France and the USA. In China and Singapore, delivery is already offered from some branches. In China alone, delivery sales increased by 30 percent in 2016.

In true McDonald's fashion, they haven't set their sights low - stating their aim to become a 'global leader in food delivery.'

The fact that, like me, most people in the UK live near a McDonald's will certainly help them to achieve their goal of delivering fast food that's also still warm. 

It's not clear if delivery services will be offered by individual franchises, existing delivery networks or potentially via another route.

Would you order a McDonald's delivery? Would you hire a car specifically to visit McDonald's?! Let us know via our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

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