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Christmas is a time for family and gifts, so it’s no surprise that Brits are feeling especially generous at this time of year. In fact, over a third of us are more likely to give to charity this Christmas season with hopes of making a difference in someone else’s life.

Recent research conducted by Harvard University has found a link between the act of giving to charity, and positive psychological changes. The results show that donating to charities positively affects mental health.

This, combined with the fact that over £2 billion is wasted every Christmas on unwanted presents, makes charities’ virtual gifts even more attractive. Gifts vary from tools to seeds to livestock, and will have a real impact on people who desperately need them.

As an extra incentive, some charities like Send a Cow are also benefitting from the UK Government’s UK Aid Match Scheme which means every gift bought or donation made before the 31st of December will be doubled by the UK Government. First introduced in 2015, the Aid Match Scheme is expected to generate as much as £30 million this winter season with the help of donators.   

Vickie Wood from Send A Cow joins Gerry & Dave to talk about it more

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