New driverless monorail system makes first appearence


A new driverless monorail system dubbed "Yungui" made its first appearance yesterday in Yinchuan, capital of northwestern Ningxia Hui region. The system was developed by China's leading energy vehicle maker BYD and Chinese telecoms giant Huawei. 

Yesterday morning the train moved along a four metre high track above Yinchuan.

The trains system makes sure it keeps a safe distance from others, detects malfunctions, monitors passenger flow and uses facial recognition automatically through its complex technological system.

The transport is expected to undergo commercial trials before June this year Xinhua News Agency reports.

Monorail trains run at a maximum speed of 80 km per hour. Compared with traditional subways, the monorail is more financially attractive as it costs less.

China has been investing heavily in their rail system since Xi Jinping became President and has had an adverse effect on domestic airlines.

The airlines have had to cut prices due to the new speed and efficiency of the High-speed rail (HSR) network.


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