New recognition technology sweeping China and the world



Chinese researchers have developed new technology that can recognise people by their posture within a distance of 50m.


Scientists in China have created new technology to help recognise people by their posture, from up to 50m away. As facial recognition technology becomes more common across the globe it has been seen as too easy for people to defeat, simply by covering their faces.


At the London Notting Hill Carnival police used real-time facial recognition to scan people in the streets on the approach to the event. In a press briefing they say that they had created a “bespoke dataset” with images of more than 500 people who were either banned from attending or wanted for arrest. According to a report from human rights group Liberty, only one attendee was successfully identified using this system while there were 35 false positives.


Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation have come up with a solution though, posture recognition. While it is easy for people to cover their faces or identifiable features it is much harder for people to alter their gait or how they stand.


Huang Yongzhen, one of the researchers, said the technology could count up to as many as 1,000 people in an area as big as 1,000 square meters at a distance of 100m, China's news agency Xinhua reported.


The applications are wider than just security, researchers say that the technology could be used to help identify and locate missing children and countless other applications.




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