November Chinese Social Media Stories with Yao


Hello from Yao. Let’s have a look what happened in China recently.


The most flexible girl in China keeps her Guinness World Record


       I can do the split and that’s it. But this girl keeps her flexibility and her place in the  Guinness Books of Records. November 9th is the World Record Day for Guinness. Recently, 600 thousand participants from all over the world wanted to challenge existing records, and to have their own Guinness World Record title!


Among these contestants, was Liu Teng, the Guinness, who set the world record again.  Liu Teng, a Chinese girl and a contortionist, has refreshed her record from four years ago and has kept her record of the shortest time in 20 meters with her chest rolling on the ground for 15.54 seconds.



        As a China traditional acrobatic skills, contortion can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period in ancient China. It requires actor's high physical condition as well as  artistic expression. With her extraordinary flexibility, she has challenged many times, creating four new world records certified by Guinness from 2014 to 2017.

(Video & Photo @Weibo)




2. Chinese Black Friday Again - Taobao Double Eleven Festival 


       Only 11 days away from Black Friday, have you decided what you're gonna buy or have you already put them in your shopping basket?China had ‘Black Friday’ last Saturday, November 11th. This is a famous day in China called ‘Singles Day’ on 11th November (The date represents the loneliness in Chinese Character), every citizen in China knows that on that day, everything will be extremely cheap on online retailers including the biggest retailer Taobao. This is the best day for people to buy everything they want as well as empty the shopping cart. 


        Taobao, China’s e-commerce platforms grossed a record-breaking total of US$38.2 billion in online sales during the Single’s Day shopping festival over the weekend, up nearly 50 percent compared to the same period last year. And this year it took only 13 hours this year to reach the full day of last year.



        Single Day Festival period is also Couriers’ busiest days ever. Even there was a double eleven express high speed rail to Lanzhou! Packed with high-speed trains, at 5.17 a.m on November 11th, number DJ5791, high-speed rail from Xi'an to Lanzhou loaded 80 pieces of 1000 kg "double eleven" express parcels slowly pulled out of Xi'An North Railway Station. It is understood that this is the fast transport channel of Xi'an Railway Bureau and the China Railway Express.


And lots of people are waiting for their parcels. University post room becomes extremely busy.


Don't forget to say thank you to couriers when you get your parcel. 

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