Online education market growing in China


In 2016 revenue from online education reached 156.02 billion Yuan in China a growth of 27.3%. This is according to data by iResearch.


The research projects that with the growth of online education users, the revenue of the market will keep increasing and attain 269.26 billion Yuan in 2019.


The iResearch data shows that the number of online education users totaled 90.01 million in 2016, which was a rise of 21.5% on 2015. Reports predict that by 2019 the number will reach 160 million.


Meanwhile, Deloitte research shows the strength of China's education market: "Early childhood education is driven by the implementation of two-child policy which brings sufficient demand and the government's policies to encourage preschool education; the growth of K12 extra-curricular training is attributed to the demand increase resulted from the pick-up of the school age population. Meanwhile, desire for further education and international education also drives the demand for K12 examination oriented education and language education; personal training grows because of better economic capability and higher willingness to improve competitiveness," says a spokesman for the company.


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