Peruvian farmers benefiting from Brexit and China


Everyone loves a blueberry, although they're clearly better in pancakes than in milk, as pictured here. Photo credit - Pixabay


As headlines go, I have to confess that that's one of the weirdest ones that I've ever written.


It would be even weirder if I'd inserted the word 'blueberry' - which I wanted to, but alas the available number of characters was against me.

Anyway, it really is true - Peruvian farmers have been reported to be benefiting from both Brexit and enhanced trade with China.

Let's start with China first. According to specialist publication Fresh Plaza, blueberry shipments from Peru increased by a whopping 148 percent over the last year.

This is largely due to the increasing popularity of the fruit around the world, and demand is reported to be rising fast in China.

It's no surprise that with increasing wealth in the country, and a growing population, that would be the case.

On to Brexit. Apparently. Peru is hoping for a bilateral agreement with the UK once the country leaves the European Union. That would, in the words of Fresh Plaza, finally enable a 'sustainable' export relationship for local farmers. 

So whilst debate rages on about the potential financial implications of Brexit (and looks set to do so for several months, if not years to come) you can be assured of one thing - it's good news for Peruvian blueberry farmers.

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