Scottish 'holiday bookshop' idea coming to China


Eagle-eyed readers will have noticed that this picture is actually taken in a French bookshop. If you noticed that, you may have a point, congratulations. Photo credit - Pixabay


A Scottish bookshop holiday concept is being replicated in China. 


For some people, it'd be a holiday from hell. Personally, I can see the attraction, but I won't be cancelling my beach break just yet. The holiday in question is... running a bookshop for two weeks.

Vacations at the shop in Wigtown, Dumfires and Galloway, are apparently so popular with tourists that it is booked (via AirBnB) until 2020.

That's according to The Scotsman, who report that plans are now in place to launch similar shops in both China and South Korea.

Just to be clear, not only do guests work for free at the shop during their vacation - they actually have to pay to stay in the attached accommodation. They have full authority to change window displays and organise events, so the idea had had genuine appeal to people who've always fancied having a go at running their own bookshop.

Owner Jessica Fox, an American, tells The Scotsman that the potential expansions in Asia could follow a very similar model:

''They (overseas contacts) are looking at how a book town works and what they can do in China and South Korea''

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