Sina Weibo outnumbers Twitter


The battle for social media users is hotting-up - and when it comes to micro-blogging, Sina Weibo now has a clear lead. Photo credit - Pixabay


Weibo now has more users than Twitter for the first time.


Twitter and Weibo, or Sina Weibo to give the micro-blogging platform its full title, are two broadly similar platforms.

The former now has 328 million active users, whereas the latter has 340 million.

What makes the results all the more impressive is that Weibo has phenomenally high daily engagement rates, with around 150 million users coming to the platform on a daily basis.

The growing popularity of Weibo has been noticed globally, not just in China. In comes in stark contrast to the situation at Twitter, which has been struggling to maintain high growth rates.

As we've reported, a rising number of international celebrities, companies and organisations have been taking to the platform to boost their online presence in China.

For example, in December, we revealed that Madonna had opened her first-ever official account with this message in English: “Hello weibo - yes it's really me, i finally made it to China!”

European football teams are also using Weibo to communicate with Chinese fans, and have hosted question and answer sessions, coaching tips and even live reporting on the platform.

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