The 20th Grand Chinese New Year Concert - tickets!!


Get ready, the 20th Grand Chinese New Year Concert will be held at the Barbican centre on February 7th, 2017!!

Celebrate the Year of the Rooster with this concert of traditional Chinese music from the Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra and Zhejiang Traditional Orchestra.  Every year during the Chinese Spring Festival, one of China’s traditional orchestras presents a sample of the country’s colourful musical tradition around the world.  Experience the beautiful music of northern and southern China and celebrate the country’s rich and vibrant culture.

This piece tells the legendary story of the Silk Road which 2000 years ago linked China with the Western world. This arduous route through the desert, the mountains and the high plateau was the major road to China until the age of the great European discoveries. In the 13th and 14th Century, the Mongolian Dynasty of the Yuan (1279 – 1368 AD) ruled over almost all of Asia.  This period of relative stability, known as Pax Mongolica, allowed trade along the Silk Road to reach its historical climax.




Zhejiang Traditional Orchestra was founded in 1957 and is best known for its interpretation of the distinctive music of the province of Zhejiang in Eastern China, south of Shanghai.  The orchestra is dedicated to researching and developing traditional Chinese music and has commissioned works for traditional Chinese instruments such as the bamboo flute, the erhu (two-stringed violin), pipa (four-stringed lute) and sanxian (three-stringed fretless lute).  Zhejiang tour extensively: in 2006 and 2007 alone they performed 20 Chinese New Year Concerts in nine European countries.


Founded in 1950, Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra is one of the oldest professional orchestras in China.  Its stellar cast of musicians includes recent graduates from China’s top conservatoires who have significantly contributed to developing the orchestra’s repertoire and its international reputation.  Tours regularly take place across Europe, the US and Japan and the orchestra has won numerous first prizes in China’s all-important national competitions.




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