The Best You'll Ever Pet


More than a third of Brits say their first pet was, and still is, their ‘best friend’. Four in ten say their first-love pet still influences their decisions on which pets to have later in life

Love comes in many forms, but for pet owners past and present in the UK, it seems our furry infatuations are hard to top. With today (February 14th) being the ‘big day’ in terms of all things love, leading pet welfare charity Blue Cross is highlighting how important our love of all things four-legged can have an influence over the rest of our lives.

New research commissioned by Blue Cross, shows that over half of Brits said their first pet taught them about unconditional love and the true meaning of friendship, with a third also saying their first pet was their ‘best friend’.

Our relationships with dogs, cats and other pets are often rooted in memories from childhood, looking back with misty eyes on the joy and unequivocal affection that often only comes from our animal friends. Another 40% of us say that if we could say one more thing to our first pet it would be: “I will never forget you.”

Blue Cross, who provide rehoming, veterinary and educational advice for owners of pets of all shapes and sizes across Britain, are encouraging us to share our fondest memories of pets past and present. They want to spread the love this Valentine’s Day by visiting and using the hashtag #firstpetlove to tell your stories of the first pet in your life.

Joining Gerry & Dave in the studio is Blue Cross Spokesperson, Tracy Genever.

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