The most awkward photos of politicians eating


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (Too much vinegar for you Theresa? Photo: AP/AFP)


This week Theresa May was photographed eating a cone of chips while on an election campaign visit in Cornwall.


Many have mocked her for looking awkward or annoyed but we at SINO think a bigger question needs to be asked.


Where is the ketchup?


No wonder she is pulling a face, she's probably angry that one of her aides forgot such a basic necessity.


It's not the first time that a politician has been caught in mid-munch though, take a look at these not so flattering photos.


(Taste just like chicken. Photo: Twitter @angieeating)


Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, fully embracing a pickled herring after attending a naming ceremony for a fish trawler in East Germany.



(Apples look different these days. Photo:


Former Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott, was obviously feeling a tad peckish while visiting a factory in Tasmania.

It makes sense then that he would indulge in the farm's speciality, unfortunately for him though he was touring an onion farm. He was filmed eating one, skin and all, without even flinching.


(The look of love. Photo @obamafoodorama)


(Pizza nil, Obama one. Photo - pinterest)

Previous President of America, Barack Obama, like many of us has a soft spot for junk food. So much so that there are a surprising amount of photos online that show him eating.

If you fancy seeing some more head over to the dedicated site that has been set up,


(Step 1. Chew, Step 2. Swallow. Photo Twitter @zacharyCFC)


Ed Miliband, former leader of the Labour Party, created a twitter frenzy when he was photographed eating a bacon sandwich.


Memes and hashtags quickly flooded the internet and it will now forever be enshrined in history with the ultimate modern day accolade, its own wikipedia page,



(Move over Marlon Brando, there is a new heart throb in town. Photo The Last Leg)


Mr. Miliband has since re-enacted the photo, be it somewhat more fashionably, during an appearance on Channel 4 comedy show The Last Leg.


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