These incredibly detailed cake sculptures by China’s ‘Sugar King’ have just won an international prize


Chinese cake artist Zhou Yi and his team claimed sweet victory over the weekend when they scooped three gold and two bronze medals at the UK’s International Cake Competition in Birmingham.

You may think you’ve seen fancy baking, but Zhou Yi’s confections really take the cake.

The cake artist’s eye-poppingly detailed creations feature historical and legendary figures, such as China’s first and only female emperor Wu Zetian. 

His cake ‘Lady in the Palace’ won him the top prize at this year’s Cake International competition in Birmingham which took place over the weekend, gbtimes reported.

Another of Zhou’s entries, ‘Lie Drunk in Nepenthic Land’, also won a prize - this time only a bronze medal, because its icing was too thick to cut and therefore broke competition rules (but hopefully not any judges’ teeth).

(Photo credit: SK Tangwang Zhou Yi on Weibo)

The cake was only 40cm long and was adorned with tiny flowers just millimetres in length that were attached one at a time by hand.

One of Zhou’s cake artist teammates Du Chaojing also took home a gold award for his Monkey King cake.

Zhou Yi is a big name in China’s sugar figurine or ‘tang ren’ industry, known as the ‘Sugar King’ among his fans.

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