US Journalism and Media Students head to Beijing


Lexington - the beautiful home of the University of Kentucky. Photo credit - Thinkstock


Students from a University of Kentucky journalism and media course have visited China for the first time.


The group, who are studying on the University’s ‘Chinese media and society’ course enjoyed a varied trip to Beijing and surrounding areas.

The visit included stops at China National Radio, Beijing Language and Culture University Press and Baidu.

Speaking to the University of Kentucky’s internal publication UKNOW, Morgan Lloyd, a broadcast journalism major in the school, said:

‘’Visiting China was an amazing experience in so many different ways. Not only did we all gain a better cultural understanding of China, but by visiting the different media businesses we were able to compare and contrast the media industry in China versus the United States. The people we interacted with gave invaluable insight that will benefit all of the students' understanding of global media.’’

The University of Kentucky has a long history and a growing reputation as a centre of excellence for research.

It is home to over 30,000 students, and notable alumni include actress Ashley Judd, US Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell and Nobel prize winners Thomas Hunt Morgan and William Lipscomb. It is the highest ranking research University in the state of Kentucky.

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