US President Donald Trump's tax returns leaked


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Part of a tax return belonging to US President Donald Trump has been leaked.


The document, which isn’t the whole tax return, shows President Trump paid $38m (£31m) in tax on more than $150m (£123m) income in 2005.


It also reveals that a total of $103m was written off in losses and it gives no details of the income sources.


The pages were revealed by news presenter Rachel Maddow on the US TV network – MSNBC.


However, the second page of the tax return is stamped with ‘Client Copy’ and this had lead to speculation that President Trump released the documents himself to be distanced from the continuing investigation into his Russian ties as well as the negative attention on his healthcare reforms.


Although a spokesperson for the White House has confirmed it was illegal to publish the tax return, Maddow and MSNBC stated that the First Amendment to the US constitution protects their right to report on the document.


During the US election campaign last year, Mr Trump refused to release his tax returns despite this being a long-held tradition. Every US presidential candidate since 1976 has released their tax returns even though there is no legal requirement to do so.


Over the months since Trump took office, there have been numerous petitions, which have gathered millions of signatures, demanding him to release his full tax returns. He has expressed that one of the reasons for not publishing this information is due to him being under audit and he has been advised not to.


During last year's election campaign, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton accused Mr Trump in a head-to-head debate of paying no federal income tax.


He responded with: “That makes me smart.”


At approximately 11:00am this morning President Trump tweeted:

"Does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, "went to his mailbox" and found my tax returns? @NBCNews FAKE NEWS!"


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